a b o u t

w e l c o m e .

I really like periods. They’re so dependable. Their power is so extreme. The finality of it is comforting. Fact about me: I do not use periods in vain.

Thank you (sincerely,) from the bottom of my heart for visiting my blog. I pour many hours into my writing in a way that is like nurturing a child. Okay, no, not like that at all, but really, I do love what I create and I am proud of it. I assume you found your way here, because, like myself, you love art, reading, writing, and music. These are the things I write about most often.

However, I do write about personal topics. I rant about people who are fake, and about the dumb things that happen to me day to day. You may laugh at these things and that’s okay, because I do too. Life is funny, and sad, and ultimately something we cannot get out of so we might as well try to make it interesting, yeah?

If you want to read about my little life, you can go here and see how I manage to get through the mundane day after day, and laugh at my short comings and successes. If you’d rather not be confronted with reality then go to my library of novels and short stories that will surely make you feel like there are more exciting adventures out there to be had than the one you are currently experiencing. Or, if you’re a big foodie, I sometimes post my favorite recipes with mouth-watering photos that I took myself! Food is one thing that makes life worth living in my opinion.

If you haven’t, take a gander at my Instagram or Twitter where I occasionally post witty things. Although, to be honest, Twitter is one thing that still manages to baffle me. I’m not quite sure how it works.

Thank you kind soul for gracing my blog, and again, drop a line to say hello, and I’m sure we’ll become fast friends.


c.w. north