sunday morning poetry 

I feel your fingers 

Cold on my shoulder 

Your chilling touch,

As it runs down my spine.

Watching your eyes

As they invade my soul,

Forbidden pleasures

I’m afraid to make mine.

At the touch of your hand 

At the sound of your voice 

At the moment your eyes meet mine 

I am out of my mind 

I am out of control 

Full of feelings I can’t define!

It’s a sin with no name 

Like a hand in a flame 

And our senses proclaim

It’s a dangerous game!

A darker dream 

That has no ending,

That’s so unreal

You believe that it’s true.

A dance of death 

Out of a mystery tale 

The frightened princess

Doesn’t know what to do.

Will the ghosts go away? 


Will she will them to stay?


Either way, there’s no way to win.

All I know is’ I’m lost 

And I’m counting the cost 

My emotions are in a spin.

I don’t know who to blame…

It’s a crime and a shame,

but it’s true all the same

It’s a dangerous game.

No one speaks

Not one word 

But what words are in our eyes.

Silence speaks 

Loud and clear 

All the words we don’t want to hear!

At the touch of your hand 

At the sound of your voice 

At the moment your eyes meet mine.

I am losing my mind 

I am losing control

Fighting feelings I can’t define.

It’s a sin with no name 

No remorse and no shame 

Fire, fury and flame!

Cause the devil’s to blame

And the angels proclaim,

It’s a dangerous game.

-Jekyll + Hyde


sunday morning poetry 


Is a virtue I do not possess.

I wait here, in shadows, the curtain conceals

And I ask it to open, to let me begin

My speech is prepared, my bow perfected

But the spotlight is broken

I chase after it, weak, I’ve been running enough

I listen to words from those that I know

Are not gifted as I, not refined as I

And I wait through it all.

I wait for my moment that never will come

I wait for the time that I can become

That person who shines in a moment in time

But for naught is it all

I can feel my heart harden as I listen to prattle

And chatter that makes me lose my mind

“I’m so good at this!” They say “and so good at that!”

But they’ll never know

That if I had my chance

I’d out shine them all.


Is not a virtue I possesses.

an acrostic

A boat, beneath a sunny sky
Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July

Children three that nestle near,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Pleased a simple tale to hear

Long has paled that sunny sky;
Echoes fade and memories die;
Autumn frosts have slain July.

Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes.

Children yet, the tale to hear,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Lovingly shall nestle near.

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die;

Ever drifting down the stream
Lingering in the golden gleam
Life, what is it but a dream?

sunday morning poetry

if ever I would leave you

it wouldn’t be at night

the cool and dark repose

void of love and light

if ever I would leave you

it wouldn’t be at dawn

the rising of the morning

where everything is calm

if ever I would leave you

it wouldn’t travel far

to europe or the ocean

where the waves crash and fall

if ever I would leave you

I wouldn’t stay so close

and see you walk across the street

and pick a red, red rose

if ever I would leave you

I’d hurt me most of all

if ever I would leave you

at all.

© 2017 C.W.North – All rights Reserved

losing my best friend

Summers eve and all was well with the world

you were filled with laughter, your smile was a light;

you thought I was special, and thought I was kind

I never felt better than stood by your side.

We shared so many memories and moments;

I cherished them all, they were delicate, small.

I held all my hopes like butterflies in my hands;

you were a hope I had rested upon.

“We’ll always be friends, forever and ever

not even oceans can separate us.”

“I promise it back,” I’d said so assured.

“I’ll always be there for you, no matter the cost.”

The promises spoken were true for a while

through Christmas to birthday to Christmas again.

Then one day we travelled to places so new

and time together became wishes for time apart.

You didn’t like this thing I did;

that thing that you never saw before.

Uptight and tense, I did not like your tone

of how you would say “no time, let’s go.”

7 hours home and you were so quiet

you did not like the sound of my voice.

I did not make you laugh, I was no longer funny;

my smile, I did not get one back.

And now we were home and you said goodbye,

to your family you must see.

I said “talk later” but later did not come

I did not see you again for several weeks.

We went out to lunch, I made the same jokes

I had always made around you.

But instead of smiles and laughs I’d receive

a cold and unwelcoming sigh.

I did not have fun around you anymore,

you always had something to say of my ways.

All the food I ate, funny, the drinks I’d make, gross

and my clothes were distasteful and plain.

I stopped saying hi to you from that day on

and I stopped playing cool when you’d mock me.

I stopped being nice and asking you out

I stopped making jokes to be funny.

I stopped writing letters, I stopped making calls,

I stopped coming by in the morning.

I stopped all the likes and the comments online,

and I stopped saying your name out in public.

And all that time I thought all I did

would make an impression, to cause you to think.

Then I find out, in the cruelest of ways,

your true feelings about me this time.

You never noticed when I said hi

and you never noticed my silence.

You always had an excuse in your pocket

in case I would ask you out.

You didn’t think life was all that too funny

unless you were laughing at someone’s expense.

You tossed all my letters,

you “missed” all my calls,

because you were too busy to talk in the morning.

You never saw all my likes or my comments

because you deleted the apps on your phone

“time is to precious to waste it online”

and therefore disregarded my profession.

And though I am hurt, I am not all alone

you were not my only succession.

I have many friends who actually like me

and care about my reputation.

And if you’ll allow me to say a few things

I really must let you know

that your Michael Kors and your Dior foundation

can’t fill the void in your soul.

No matter the cost of your blonde balayage

or the Tiffany ring on your finger,

no matter how often your mommy and daddy

tell you they love who you are,

if you can’t be good to the people around you,

unless you get something you want,

you’ll always be searching for the next best thing

and darling, it never will come.

Now that I’m gone and away from your life

You’ll never know if I miss you

and because of the person that you’ve become

you’ll always assume that I do.

The truth is I don’t think about you at all

except to sigh sadly and say,

“I wish that my best friend would find out a way

to be happy without being cruel.”

I’m sorry I wouldn’t be mean to others

just to make you laugh.

I’m sorry I didn’t compliment

that 300 dollar purse you bought.

I’m sorry you don’t like the person I am

or what I am doing with my life

but the point is it’s my life and none of your business

so please step out of the way.

If you decide that people mean more

than the material things that you own

I promise I’ll be waiting to hear you say

you’re sorry for being that way.

But because I know you as well as myself,

I know that day will not come

because unfortunately I have seen

the way you have done this before.

You assume it’s the world that needs to say sorry

for stepping on your toes

but the world doesn’t care if it messes your hair

or if mommy and daddy say “no.”

I hope you remember the good things in life

when you think back on this time

instead of regret for wasting your time

by not making friendships that last.

Your boss won’t care if you’re at her wedding

and she won’t text you once you quit.

If that’s the friendship you think will last

then I hope it’s a perfect fit.

Goodbye to the memories I thought that we shared

you burned them so long ago

Goodbye to the person I thought that I knew

you were before you decide to grow,

to grow up into someone who had no time

for fun or laughter or smiles

who thinks that happiness can be bought

down the Chanel perfume isle.

I’m sorry to say that I won’t be waiting

holding my breath for you to come back.

I won’t beg you to keep me

because did you know?

Your opinion doesn’t define my worth.

Your opinion doesn’t define my worth.

Your opinion doesn’t define my worth.


© 2017 C.W.North – All rights Reserved

sunday morning poetry

hushed, whispering tenderness

the morning air calls to the dead

in their sleep they rise

sunshine is ablaze with new life.

read the story of the dawn

hear the silence in her veins

as she reaches down to caress

away your worries and your pain.

you are like a newborn child

every time you feel the wild

calling to your ancient soul

“come out and see the world unfold.”

light footed you fly

reaching for the crest

of the mountains around you

as you sip the salty sea.

you are at peace.

© 2017 C.W.North – All rights Reserved